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How to create a custom Scenario?


I am a newbie here. And i would like to create a custom scenario for our specific requirement. I am able to create a Dynamics Ax Object Wrapper and necessary classes and tables proxies are generated. But i am unable to progress ahead after that, i meant writing the code in C# for the requirement. And i am getting a error about the "sourceWrapper".
Any inputs on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks well in advance.


PrakashSrinivasan wrote Dec 2, 2010 at 10:16 AM

Hi Mahesh,
Hope u have overcome ur issue on creating custom scenario by now. If not, let me give some tips which might be useful to u.
Once u have successfully generated ur Dynamics wrappers, u can use get a couple of c# classes in ur project. U may use the methods present in the suitable classes in your .cs file of your test project where the test methods are present. Create your own test methods where u instantiate the class that is generated through wrappers and use the methods from them. U may have to refer to the existing test methods and follow the same way. That is how i did it.
Hope this post helps u.
Good luck.

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