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Newly created Items not visible in Dynamics Ax Object Wrapper wizard


I am using benchmark to stress test the customizations in DAX 2009. I have successfully installed the toolkit, run standard scenario - just login, also run the createSalesOrderandLines with some modifications in it to reflect the customization in DAX.
Now, when i want to access methods of a form - from benchmark, am not able to do it because, the wrapper wizard allows to create wrappers only for tables, enums, classes and jobs.
Fine. Next step what i tried was - to call the form methods from jobs or classes and try creating wrappers for them so that i can use them in my test methods. But, once i successfully create classes/jobs in Ax and try generating wrappers, shockingly, am not able to find those jobs/classes in the AOT shown in the dynamics ax wrappers wizard. To test i also created a new table and tried accessing in the wizard. Even the table dosent showup there. I tried refreshing AOT, closed the application and opened again and all that stuff.
Is this a bug in the s/w?
It would be great if anybody out there suggests a solution.
Prakash Srinivasan